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Vintage ZR
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Porcelain system for all available zircon oxide frameworks

Vintage ZR is a fine structured, leucite reinforced micro porcelain for metal free restorations. The natural feldspar based structure guarantees a secure bond to all zircon oxide frameworks and a very high stability and strength of the aesthetic restorations.

Benefits Vintage ZR 

High-fusing Opaque Liner (960 °C) secure the bond to the zircon oxide framework and are the shade basis of the restoration

Impressive aesthetics by natural translucency and opalescence

Excellent shade match to natural teeth and to the VITA* Classical Shade System

Extensive range of translucent incisal and effect powders

Low investment cost due to modular system components Vintage ZR 

Constant CTE of about 9.3 x 10-6K-1, even after several firings


Facing of all crown and bridge constructions made of ZIRCONIA

Vintage ZR is a high fusing, feldspar based all-ceramic veneering porcelain system that offers extensive aesthetic possibilities for all popular zirconium dioxide crown and bridge fabrications. Its micro-fine and homogeneous particle structure enables efficiency in handling and an excellent color harmonization to natural teeth even with the application of extremely thin layers.


Features  Vintage ZR 

Ensures high bond strength with increased resistance against cracking and the physical properties remain unchanged even after repeated firing with a stable coefficient of thermal expansion.


·         Assures minimized wear of opposing teeth.

·         Easy application technique for efficiency of fabrication.

·         Leucite reinforced ultrafine particle structure assures a compact architecture that resists cracking even after multiple firing.

·         The opaque liner effectively masks the underlying discolored abutments or metal posts while minimizing the inherent reflectivity of the ZIRCONIA core.

·         Life-like restorations can be easily attained with the extensive range of Translucent,

·         Opalescent enamel and Effect shades through a simplified 2 layer build up technique.

·         Cervical translucent compounds with a lower melting temperature and higher fluorescence assure aesthetic and biocompatible marginal areas.

·         Available in sets and refills of 5gm / 15gm / 50gm




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