RENFERT -  Pneumatic Foot Control-Each-#2931-0000 #29310000
RENFERT -  Pneumatic Foot Control-Each-#2931-0000 #29310000
SKU: 023-2931-0000
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RENFERT Pneumatic Foot Switch
Foot Pedal Controls Air
# 023-2931-0000 - Mfg # 29310000

This Pneumatic foot a switch is extremely flat and ensures relaxed foot and leg positioning when working. It can be activated from anywhere on its surface regardless of foot position.

No more continual searching for or repositioning of the foot switch.
Light pressure sends the work impulse to the respective unit. The construction guarantees a long service life and slip-resistency. Suitable for all units functioning on compressed air up to 200 l air consumption / min.

Technical Specifications:
*  Working Pressure: 0-10bar ( 0 - 145 psi )
* Cable Length : 1.9 m ( 74.8 inches )
* Max Pressure : 10 bar  ( 145 psi )
* Dimensions :  138 x 38mm
* Max. air flow :  210 l/min
* Actuating Pressure:  370
* Weight :  0.54kg


3-YEAR WARRANTY All RENFERT Laboratory devices have a three year guarantee. * If at some point something does not function, you still have the comforting assurance that RENFERT will find a solution to the problem under the guarantee.


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