PRO-LINE  Light Cure Composite Surface Sealant - 7ml Bottle - #005-010 (rc sealer )
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PRO-LINE - - Light Cure Composite Surface Sealant
Composite Sealant
# 005-010 - Mfg # 005-010


* A light cured, methacrylate based, unfilled, penetrating, low viscosity resin. The Sealant has a very low oxygen inhibition layer and can be cured in ultra thin layers. Reduces microleakage and seals micro-cracks and irregularities in Composite restorations.
* Finishing and polishing Composite creates microscopic defects in the surface and at the margin, resulting in accelerated loss of Composite. PRO-LINE - Light Cure Composite Surface Sealant is applied immediately upon completion of restoration.
* The Sealant penetrates and seals the Composite surface, thus reducing wear and marginal breakdown. Microleakage is reduced for new and existing Composite restorations.
* Bonds well to Composite type provisional restorations and helps re-vitalize old composites leaving a smooth enamel like finish.

1 - Bottle 7ml per Box

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