RENFERT -  Geo Classic Opaque-BEIGE-75G- #497-0100 #4970100
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Geo Classic
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RENFERT GEO Classic Beige - Opaque 75gr
# 023-497-0100 - Mfg # 4970100

* Special wax for use with the Bunsen burner, their excellence lies in the optimum properties of raw material used.
* Behaves in a plastic manner to accentuate the relief.

Key functions
* Wax characteristics are optimally suited to working with the Bunsen flame
* The wide melting interval range allows quick application and stress-free cooling
* Very low shrinkage means high fitting accuracy and precision

COLOR: Beige

Type: Opaque

Size: 75gr

PictureProductCOLORProduct featureProduct typeArticle numberWishlist
GEO Classic Basic SetGEO Classic Basic SetCervical wax, Modeling wax4930004
GEO Classic, beige-opaqueGEO Classic, beige-opaquebeigeopaqueModeling wax4970100
GEO Classic, grey-opaqueGEO Classic, grey-opaquegrayopaqueModeling wax4970200
GEO Classic, mint-opaqueGEO Classic, mint-opaquemintopaqueModeling wax4970300
GEO Classic, blue-transparentGEO Classic, blue-transparentbluetransparentModeling wax4971200
GEO Classic, mint-transparentGEO Classic, mint-transparentminttransparentModeling wax4971300
GEO Classic Avantgarde, beige-opaqueGEO Classic Avantgarde, beige-opaquebeigeopaqueModeling wax4950100
GEO Classic Avantgarde, grey-opaqueGEO Classic Avantgarde, grey-opaquegrayopaqueModeling wax4950200
GEO Classic Avantgarde, mint-opaqueGEO Classic Avantgarde, mint-opaquemintopaqueModeling wax4950300
GEO Classic Natural, dentine-opaqueGEO Classic Natural, dentine-opaquedentinopaqueModeling wax4990300
GEO Classic Natural, dentin-transparentGEO Classic Natural, dentin-transparentdentintransparentModeling wax4990400
GEO Classic Snow-white, white-opaqueGEO Classic Snow-white, white-opaquewhiteopaqueModeling wax4990101
GEO Classic Snow-white, white-transparentGEO Classic Snow-white, white-transparentwhitetransparentModeling wax4990201
GEO Classic Cervical wax, bordeaux-transparentGEO Classic Cervical wax, bordeaux-transparentburgundytransparentCervical wax4861000
GEO Classic Cervical and undercut wax, red-transparentGEO Classic Cervical and undercut wax, red-transparentredtransparentCervical wax4891000
GEO Classic Milling wax, blue-opaqueGEO Classic Milling wax, blue-opaqueblueopaqueMilling wax4851000
3-YEAR WARRANTY All RENFERT Laboratory devices have a three year guarantee. * If at some point something does not function, you still have the comforting assurance that RENFERT will find a solution to the problem under the guarantee.


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