Fluorescent Ortho-Jet Bottle Powder only  GREEN 5lb ( 2.3kg ) 2850FG
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A self-curing resin for fabrication of Orthodontic appliances
Extra fine bead size for better adaptation to model
Low flow properties, will not slump
Cross-linking monomer for strength
Superior clarity brings better patient acceptance
Minimal shrinkage   LANG  ORTHHO-JET 
Excellent wear resistance for occlusal splints and night guards

Available with Clear Powder and Clear or Pink-Tint Liquid
Package Powder 100g/Liquid 118mL
Package Powder 454g/Liquid 236mL
Package Powder 2.3kg/Liquid 946mLPowder 100g
Powder 454g
Powder 2.3kg
Powder 11.3kg

Code Name                                      Vendor Item Number
124271 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Blue          2820FB
124272 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Glow 2820FGL
124273 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Green 2820FG
124274 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Orange 2820FO
124275 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Pink          2820FP
124276 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Purple 2820FPR
124277 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd red      2820FR
124278 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Teal      2820FT
124279 Fluor Ortho-Jet 4oz pwd Yellow 2820FY
124280 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Blue 2830FB
124281 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Glow 2830FGL
124282 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Green 2830FG
124283 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Orange 2830FO
124284 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Pink 2830FP
124285 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Purpl 2830FPR
124286 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd red 2830FR
124287 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Teal 2830FT
124288 Fluor Ortho-Jet 1lb pwd Yello 2830FY
124289 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Blue 2850FB
124290 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Glow 2850FGL
124291 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Green 2850FG
124292 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Orange 2850FO
124293 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Pink 2850FP
124294 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Purple 2850FPR
124295 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd red 2850FR
124296 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Teal 2850FT
124297 Fluor Ortho-Jet 5lb pwd Yellow 2850FY
124298 Fluor Ortho-Jet Powder KIT 2893
124299 Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear 4oz 1303CLR
124300 Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear 8oz 1304CLR
124301 Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear 1quart 1306CLR
124302 Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear 1 Galon 1307CLR
124303 Ortho-Jet Liquid Clear 5 Galon 1308CLR


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