GC Equia Forte Fil A1 Caps A1 48/pk Mfg #452010 - Hybrid Glass Ionomer Retorative

GC Equia Forte Fil A1 Caps A1 48/pk  Mfg #452010 - Hybrid Glass Ionomer Retorative
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Equia Forte
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GC America - Equia Forte - A1


Equia Forte is the next generation of Equia® that combines Equia Forte Fil  to build a strong, superior bulk-fill system.

Equia Forte Fil's glass hybrid innovation is achieved through the introduction of ultrafine, highly reactive glass particles, dispersed within the conventional Glass Ionomer (GI) Structure. With the addition of a higher molecular weight polyacrylic acid, the new glass hybrid formulation builds a high strength Restorative. Equia Forte Coat incorporates a new multi-functional monomer that produces a tougher resin matrix. Together, these innovations result in a strong bulk fill glass hybrid Restorative system with exceptional physical properties and aesthetics.

Equia Forte is ideal for Class I, II and Vrestorations. 

Key benefits of Equia Forte:

* Bulk-fill

* Easy and quick to use
Not technique sensitive
Non sticky and packable
No polymerization shrinkage or shrinkage stress
Optimal marginal seal that offers long-term resistance to microleakageand discoloration
High fluoride release at tooth Restorative interface with recharge capability
Outstanding resistance to wear and acid erosion
Available in 8 aesthetic shades

In comparison to original Equia, Equia Forte extends the indications toinclude stress bearing Class II Restorations, and is available in brand-new red packaging.

-48 capsules (0.14 mL liquid per capsule).


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