RENFERT - Dynex Brillant Separating discs Brillant 20 x 0.25mm 10pk #562-520 #562520

RENFERT -  Dynex Brillant Separating discs  Brillant 20 x 0.25mm  10pk #562-520 #562520
RENFERT -  Dynex Brillant Separating discs  Brillant 20 x 0.25mm  10pk #562-520 #562520 RENFERT -  Dynex Brillant Separating discs  Brillant 20 x 0.25mm  10pk #562-520 #562520 RENFERT -  Dynex Brillant Separating discs  Brillant 20 x 0.25mm  10pk #562-520 #562520
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Dynex Fiber Reinf.
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RENFERT Dynex Brillant Separating discs.  20x0.25m
Cutting & Rounghing Separating
# 023-562520 - Mfg - # 562520

RENFERT Dynex Brillant Function & performance
* Extremely flexible and robust diamond separating and grinding disc with Glass Fiber reinforcement.
* Created for separating and grinding ceramic, zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.

Descriptions RENFERT DYNEX Brillant 
Dynex Brillant Separating discs from RENFERT are highly precise tools, of which we are very    proud. 40 years of experience and permanent, intensive development work are incorporated in the discs. They are produced using the latest manufacturing methods and the strict raw material controls ensure that only the materials are used.
Our separating discs attain a cutting speed of up to 300 km/h (186,4 miles per h). They separate powerfully, safely and highly precisely at high speed. To achieve this type of high performance, a careful combination of selected raw materials and a high degree of dimensional accuracy is decisive. In addition to the very high-quality abrasives, such as the finely coordinated diamond particle sizes, as well as aluminum oxide with a very high degree of purity, the binding agents are also consistently tailored to their respective area of application.
All Dynex Brillant Separating and trimming discs, including the ultra-thin versions, are Reinforced with double Glass-Fiber. The reinforcement is a component of the disc core and is fused completely with the carrier material. In a nutshell this means for you: outstanding durability, flexibility and reliability.
The allround expert for ceramic, zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate

Advantages RENFERT DYNEX Brillant 
* Extremely thin and flexible for precise separation of interdental spaces and grinding flat surfaces.
* Quick and reliable separation of press sprues.
* Minimal vibration and heat generation in order to prevent cracks and shipping with all ceramic materials.

Key functions RENFERT DYNEX Brillant 
* Ideal combination of flexibility and rigidity.
* Excellent cutting and grinding performance thanks to a cutting disc saturated with diamond particles.
* Maximum flexural and breaking strength due to a thin, double cross-linked, Glass-Fiber reinforcement.
* Above average service life due to unique constituents.
* High radial run-out precision.
* Cutting, separating and grinding with one disc.
* No residues, no grinding marks on the restoration.
* Very low dust generation with minimum odor development.

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3-YEAR WARRANTY All RENFERT Laboratory devices have a three year guarantee. * If at some point something does not function, you still have the comforting assurance that RENFERT will find a solution to the problem under the guarantee.


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